Gabriel Metals, Inc
Corporate Headquarters
Non Ferrous Yard
720 Ransdell Rd
Lebanon, IN 46052
765-485-0877 - Office
765-485-2720 - Fax

Steel Facility
616 Ransdell Rd
Lebanon, IN 46052
765-485-0877 -Office

Gabriel Metals is a scrap metal processing company located in Lebanon, Indiana.  Our primary focus is processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals for shipment to steel mills and foundries throughout the country.

Gabriel Metals has its own fleet of transportation options for our customers including roll-off, flatbed, box trucks and tractor trailers.

Gabriel Metals offers a variety of equipment to meet your specific needs.  We provide roll-off boxes, small and large self-dumping hoppers, foundry tubs, drums, and gaylord boxes with pallets. 

Gabriel Metals is family owned and operated by Matt and Heather McKinney.  Gabriel Metals has earned a reputation for being an honest, reliable and environmentally conscious leader in the recycling industry.